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Adam Gadach: 29-Jun-08
Thank you for your support and for the show you are going to do for my benefit. Looking forward to seeing you and Miss Kitty in a couple of weeks. Talk to you soon.
One of Your Biggest One Legged Fans,
Adam Gadach

Charlotte Phillips: 29-Jun-08
We are the ones that own the campground in Glendive Montana. We really enjoyed your picking and singing, enjoyed you too Miss Kittie

Debra Brown: 29-Jun-08
Almost you are the very best willie even better than the real thing.we have been friends since 2005.yep Freymiller and Almost Willie.God Bless Debbie

Debra Brown: 29-Jun-08
Hello Almost,I sure miss you. please come to michigan.I sent the CD out but it came back.So you know it is in good hands.please call if you have time.we cant wait to see you and ms new man clyde sure would like to meet you.dont worrie we will make you lots of friend at the radio station has been very busy. i also have a bunch of friends who would love to see you do the willie thing..well almost you take care,hope to hear from you soon.. . with love your friend Debbie ........... God Bless,Be Safe

Trent Brooks and Texas Toast and Jam: 28-Jun-08
Hey Willie!
It was cool to hang with you guys this past weekend. Best of luck to you and travel safely. We'll see you on the road again.
Trent Brooks and Texas Toast and Jam

Joan Cote': 13-Jun-08
Hello A.Willie, I was at the KOA concert last night and the garage sale with the runaway dog (Mader).
All of my family enjoyed seeing and hearing you, I will be at the sale again tomorrow. Thank You, Joan

Judy: 12-Jun-08
Thank you so much for coming to our RV Park last night to perform. Several of our customers made a point of stopping by our office to tell us how much they enjoyed your show. Looking forward to your next stop here!
Let us know how the tomato plants Harlie gave you do.

Al: 12-Jun-08
Hey, Almost Willie!! I remember meeting you at a bike meet in Missouri at least 20 years ago!! You even sang a few bars of "All the Girls I've Loved Before." with this ugly old biker!! Glad to see you're still on the road!!

Betty and Carl DeLong: 11-Jun-08
Hi there Miss Kitty and Almost (Tom),
We were at the show tonight at Jim and Mary's RV Park here in Missoula. We enjoyed meeting the two of you and the show was very entertaining. Happy Anniversary...and stay safe "on the road again". Regards to the two of you .

Bob: 05-Jun-08
Great little show in Butte in spite of the weather. We did enjoy ourselves as did everyone else! Great singing!! See ya down the road - God Bless you both! B & E

Garry & Gerri Olson: 02-Jun-08
Hey Almost, Great show the other night. Lokking forward to you coming to Rapid City and Rushmore Shadows RV Park.

Linda: 31-May-08
coolWas great meeting u and Miss Kitty.Hope your stay with us here at the Buffalo KOA was great.We enjoyed having you!Come again soon. Linda,mgr of the Koa

Heath: 30-May-08
Ditto !! to the below message that is my mother, growing up with Willie my whole life there is nobody closer to being Willie other than Almost - you are great and put on a great show. We look forward to seeing you again and soon. Stay safe and keep on trucking. Picture to come soon....

Barb: 29-May-08
We saw you at the KOA in Colorado Springs tonight and you were awesome! We are HUGE WILLIE fans, and you do him great justice! It has been said that "Impersonation is the highest form of flattery", and you certainly flatter the old man....Thank you for talking so long with us and being so friendly and personable.....sorry our little 18 month old was so distracting....but your show was amazing! Your music is so very much like the real thing, and you are definitely his "lost twin"!! Stay healthy and keep bringing the music to us out there. We travel throught many KOA's, so we will see you soon, and we will definitely try and book you for a private party for ourselves at some time....City of Colorado Springs, Memorial Hospital, or my own Fountain-Ft. Carson School District 8 here locally....will bookmark your website and stay up on your travels.....God Bless You and Ms. Kitty....and safe travels......and come back to Colorado soon!

Joe: 29-May-08
Saw you at Raton, NM - at the Visitors "almost" made my wife faint when she spotted who she thought was Willie Nelson looking at travel maps!!! Sure do look like him (the Real Willie...and we've been to alot of his concert) we have to say we've never seen any other Willie look alike LIKE YOU! You're got it all going on!! Sorry we missed your show - another day perhaps out on the road! Safe travels & God Speed! Joe & Alice

Carolyn Wigley: 28-May-08
KOA, Fountain, CO. Met you this afternoon and will see you at the show tonight and tomorrow night. Thanks for making our stay here a memorable one! God Bless You in your travels.

Guy Solano: 26-May-08
Thanks Almost and Miss Kitty..for stopping in Raton. NM KOA park. We sure enjoyed your music,pictures,and the hot sauce too. The best of luck to you both on your travels, enjoy the Red chile and the beans...I will always think of you guys, and thanks again Love Guy

Marisa MARISCAL: 23-May-08
lol Hi I saw ur bus at the flying J gas station in amarillo,texas i was in the maroon or dark red suburben next to u. I saw ur website on the side of the bus so i logged on and hear i am. i'm from dalhart,texas

Bill: 22-May-08
You made our stay in Amarillo one we will never forget -!! What a great show last night at the Ft Amarillo RV Resort (best all around RV place anywhere!) where you certainly had us fooled!! Thanks a bunch! God Bless you both! Bill & Alice

Ray (Radar) Dyer: 22-May-08
Tom & Carol,
Really enjoyed the last couple of evenings with you downhome folks. Lots of luck, stay in touch and my God Bless. - RADAR.

Dean martin: 21-May-08
hey i have seen a lot of impersonator of willie nelson, but you are the ###111 of them all. you look and sound like the real thing but i have to settle ofr the fake thanks a bunch dean martin columbia mo. 65202 the place where you started from on halloween 573-881-3071.

Carol McLeod: 19-May-08
Howdy, It was great seeing you and Miss Kitty while y'll were at Wagon Master Rv Park in Sanger, Tx. My friend, Connie and myself sure enjoyed ourselves. I'm the one who asked you to sing, "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain", again. I do hope that y'll will come back to Sanger in Oct of this year. Be careful out there on the road. Have a wonderful time together.

allen appleget: 18-May-08
we saw you on the road just below waco 9yrs ago,and were amazed how much you looked like willie,and here we are 9yrs later,sitting in a flying j parking lot in amerillo on may,18,2008 and we see you sitting next to us! keep it up you really are almost willie.

Rob Moran: 18-May-08
I had a real nice time having dinner with you and Miss Kitty & roady and thanks for the pic!!! I hope that Tara and i'll meet you (on the road agian) some time thanks Rob

The Jones': 18-May-08
It's crazy - we saw you at Wal Mart Parking Lot- YOU LOOK JUST LIKE WILLIE NELSON!!! Blew us away! Thanks for the pic!!! Good luck!!

Big John: 15-May-08
Saw you off the Bus in Sanger, TX. just off Hwy 35E. Have a great time.

Andy Kane: 14-May-08
Hey Almost Willie,
I met you at Joey's at the bar watching the stars game. I am the 2nd grade teacher. It was really nice to meet you. Your stories were very interesting and was great to talk to you. I wish you all of the luck in the world. I hope you checked out my friend who sings. I just thought you would like the music. Anyway, good luck in the world. I will make sure to put up your picture in my classroom. Andy

Joyce: 09-May-08
Hey Almost, you may remember us at Manhatten Beach (out on the patio eatin & sippn' suds) last 4th of July in Minnesota...we were the ones having the most fun!! You are an amazing entertainer!! You LOOk & PLAY MUSIC just like Willie!! I think you had us all fooled when we walked out onto the patio & there you were - Almost! You are the best we've ever seen!! We so did enjoiy your performance & time you are in the area we will be sure to see your show again - can't get enough you know! Until then take care !!! Joyce & Mark

Paul and Glory: 07-May-08
Howdy Willie and Miss Kitty. Remember us from Peck's old fashioned wiener roast in Pa? Hope you guys are well. I had to have my leg re-broke and straightened so I'll be laid up for another four months. Hope to see you guys On The Road Again

Becky Joiner: 04-May-08
Thanks fer comin' on out to our church's Ol' Fashioned Day. I think we all had a wonderful time jest havin' ya there. I know I did. Ya may not be Willie Nelson, but ya may be jest as close as most of us'll get. Thank ya fer the wonderful day. (I know I can spell normal but it seemed more appropriate to use old-timey spelling seeing as what the event of the day was fun).

Sheila Gary: 04-May-08
Hi, you came to our Church today, Mat 4th, you were in town after a wedding reception. Everyone there loved you and couldnt stop taking your photo! Thanks for bringing all the smiles to everyone's faces!

Evelyn Barton: 27-Apr-08
Hi Almost, My husband & I saw your show at a KOA campground in I think South Dakota in August 2006. We really enjoyed it. The only drawback was that it was so darned hot that day. Keep on keeping on & never give up. Evelyn

Wendy Heyer and Billy: 27-Apr-08
Hey,,,,,,,,,,, Almost Willie, Billy and I met you some years ago in Independence MO. at the Spirits lounge on Noland road. It's nice to see your still out and about doing your Willie thing. Take care of yourself and keep people smiling!!!!!!!!!!

Joyce: 25-Apr-08
Almost & Ms Kitty - You were both absolutely awesome last night!! Oh yeah!! -thanks so much for doing your show at the RV Ranch at keene, Texas. Anybody who misses an opportunity to hear & see you is truely missing out!!! Thanks again friends!! Joyce (Love my T-shirt!)

Darlene Viall: 15-Apr-08
Hi, my nephew from Texas (Burleson) ran into one of your shows. Knowing what a HUGE Willie fan I have been since the early 70's, he got me a signed picture of you. Amazing how you look so much alike. I go trail riding with friends every year in Emenince Mo. at Cross Country Trail Ride, I would love to see you there preforming. I will give them your info. I always go in October, but this year I am going in May also, to celebrate my B-Day. Maybe we will see you there sometime. Thanks for the picture of you. A new fan. Dar


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