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See about Almost Wille on the Jay Leno Show. After you click, chose Full episode, August 29 episode, chapter 2.

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Exciting times in Branson, Mo !! Almost plays with the original Comets Band..of Bill Haley & the Comets from the 50'3. They had the No#1 on American Bandstand and around the world...."Rock Around the Clock...sold 81 million copies!!


almost willie with bill haleys comets

front row seated: Joey, Marshall and Dick (an amazing drummer talent!!!) Joey & back left to right, Jackson "Baby Comet", Miss Kitty, Willie, and Dave on Piano.


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article about almost willie in alvarado times newspaper

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Announcing Almost Willie Hot Sauces!! Made in Texas

almost willie's hot saucesIt's all about the flavor....not the hot chili peppers! Order some today! 417-483-3551

Try our Chioptle Mustard, Habanero, Cajun Blast, Pepper - you will love em' all! Great tasting on just about any of your favorite foods - makes a great Bloody Mary!! Just call us to order your sauces today! 417-483-3551.



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Almost Willie Almost Young

Almost Willie's fans often wonder what Almost Willie did before he hit that long dusty road. Well, your wait is over, and here he is as a young man.

almost willie as a boy scout

almosty willie Junior High 1959 age 12


Almost Willie, age 8, as a Cub Scout.






Almost Willie, Junior High 1959 age 12.



almost willie


Almost Willie, HS Graduation 1965